Monday, September 19, 2011

We do not sip tea @ baby showers

This picture is how I spent my Saturday (in a nutshell).

The preggo on the left had her super decked out, uberly cute, nautical themed baby shower. And the preggo on the right of her, and all of us crazies with our mouths open, were the attendees. And as you can see, we all had a blast!!
The decorations were awesome, the attention to detail was over the top, and the food was delish!
I arrived a little late (sorry!), but as we sat there enjoying the festivities, it became apparent to me that there was a process of natural selection going on. The basic definition of natural selection is that only the strongest survive and the weakest die. Hmmmmm.....natural selection at a baby shower?? Odd??
Hello! Have you ever seen how competitive women can get?
Take Group A (pictured above), for example. These are your "Game Whores". They are out to win no matter who they have to take down. The sexy vixen on the left sniffing the dirty diaper "came to play". And as you can see below, it payed off well.

Now you might be thinking, how is this at all related to natural selection??
Well, as a result of the Game Whores "out to play" motto, we (the Wine Whores) threw up our white flag, decided not to participate at all (since we knew we weren't gonna win anyway), and instead.........
We drank. And drank.
So in the end, everyone was happy. The Game Whores had their trophies of triumph, the Wine Whores had empty bottles and a good buzz going on, and the mama to be had good times with good people and a shit load of cute presents.
Til the next time.......

Wine Whore for life,

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