Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hello Hawaii

This is an old pic, but this has pretty much been the weather for the last couple of days. And I am so hoping it continues through this weekend.
I expect to come back to work on Tuesday with a nice, toasty, caramel brown tan that makes my body glisten with radiance. (In reality I'll probably come back super bright cooked lobster red, since I tend to burn, rather than slow cook).

Now the excitement is really starting to bubble. I hope the day goes by quickly tomorrow. I will have a fully packed car, loaded with all the essentials, two of my kids, and two of the besties kids. At least it'll be more hands to help me unload once I get there :)

 I love family staycations. The atmosphere and memories are like no other. Good times around the pool and bbq, great food, laughs, and lots of "liquids" to keep us hydrated.
Ugh, I'll probably be salivating all day, just thinking about the nice frosty beverage that is waiting for me.

It's gonna be a long nite of packing,


Sweet Caroline said...

hi followed your blog via Etsy :) Nice blog :)

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