Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Last remodel post

This will be the last remodel post.........for now.
I probably (99.9%) will not be posting from Las Vegas. So I thought I'd give you one last remodel gag before I leave.

Look who has a working, fully functional sink! Love love love!!
There was a very big (like presidential candidate big) debate going on between the bf and I and the sink. Ultimately, I wanted a huge single sink that would make it easier to wash big pots and cookie sheets and all the things I use on a daily basis because I am such an avid cooker/baker. Hahahahaha. Sorry, I had to laugh at myself for being so delusional. Let me correct my statement: In theory, a single sink would be better (and prettier) for when I do start to cook and bake on a more frequent basis. : )
The bf wanted a dbl sink because he felt it would be more efficient for cutting and prepping and whatever blah blah blah.
So we shopped. And shopped. And shopped. And this is the compromise.
We found an uber good deal @ Home Depot that would set us back around $200, but included everything (sink, faucet, soap dispenser, basket thingies, etc). If we were to buy everything separately it would've cost around $350-$400 for what we were looking at.
Anyway, he got the double sink and I got the pull out/sprayer faucet I wanted. What can I say? $200 could buy me a new KitchenAid mixer : )
Don't mind the mess in the background- it's still a construction zone.

And look who has all their pulls on!
It feels really nice to have a small sense of completion. All the little things get done and it's less that we have to worry about, less on our minds. **Deep yoga exhale**
My bf has seriously been working hard to make me less of a bitch happy. Luv you honey!

And we have our over the counter/under cabinet spot lighting in. Yay!!
Again, please pardon the mess.
You can't see the actual pucks when you're standing there. It looks more like this:

Please pardon my exposed wire. So rude!
So, as you can see, we are trudging right along. Soon we might have our whole project done and then what will we do??

On a side note: everyone is feeling a lot better and we are all super excited for our trip!!
We just need to get through the rest of the work/school week, win all of our games on soccer Saturday, cut all of the manes (which takes all day), wash clothes and pack. No sweat.

Coffee in hand,

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