Monday, September 27, 2010

Soccer Saturdays

Now that Keau is playing U5 soccer, we officially have 3 boys in soccer in 3 different age brackets. The boys love it!!
Unfortunately, that also means three different game times. Last weekend we had a game @ 8am, 9am, and 3pm :(
But this weekend, we were lucky enough to be off the soccer field by 1-SUPER YEAH! So we headed out for a super delish late lunch.
Me and the bf usually don't eat breakfast on soccer saturdays just because we are caught up in the shinguard/soccer ball/fruits/snacks/waterjugs cyclone that is always present on this manic day of the week.
Did I mention the bf also coaches our oldest, who is now in the U10 division??!!
So after a long morning of super hot, muggy soccer madness, we stuff our faces with yummy goodness.
There isn't a picture of me or my food, but I had a gooey cheesy calzone with a slice of red velvet for dessert. Actually, that's not true. I attempted to have the above mentioned sinful goodies, but was able to only get about 4 bites of each before the pack barged in and ate the rest :)
Oh well, as long as it gets eaten!!
Can somebody please tell me how I am supposed to feed these lil monsters when they turn into famished teenagers that will probably also be bringing their friends home to eat all of my food too??!!
Planning my garden/farm now!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Power of Pink

Even though things have been really crazy for me recently, I was still able to take some time out for some fun with friends for a really good cause:
Locks of Love
In case you're not familiar with this, its a donation of your real hair, that usually involves a complimentary cut by participating salons, that then gets made into wigs for people that have cancer.

Here's the bestie and I sporting headbands by Zaia. Mine was pink in honor of the special event. And all my fav girls @ Josie's Salon had the same pink headbands.
The outcome was superb, with lots of generous people giving up long lengths of beautiful hair.
Here are just some of the fab stylists @ Josie's Salon,
(From left to right: Josie, Shauna & Shyla)
looking super cute & fab as always!!
Thank you ladies for allowing me to be a part of such an awesome event!!
Lots of Locks of Love

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A is for Alice

I'm changing my name to Alice. Well, ok, not really. But I feel like I should. I feel like I am crawling out of a hole departing from Wonderland, where I have been stuck for the last 2 weeks.
My last post was Sep 3rd, YIKES!! I knew it had been a while but.......O M G!!
So, excuses aside, I am back. YEAH (@ least for me)!!
Work has been crazy, kids have been crazy, life has been crazy.
So, with a heavy sigh, I now attempt to fill you in on just some of the things that have been going on with me:
The bf and I started a remodel project I think sometime in July. And by bf and I, I mean: I tell him what I want and he attempts to make me happy :)
Our plan is to remodel our humble abode 1 little project @ a time. So, we started with our little half bath.
**side note: I am totally kicking myself for not taking a before shot**
But, to make up for my slacking, I have provided a pic of our main bath, which pretty much was the theme of our little half bath also.
As you can see, its pretty outdated. Linoleum floors, old paint, handrails from previous owners, etc.
Though I was excited @ the smell of the word REMODEL, I had to pull in the reigns and get a grip. We didn't want to put too much $$ into the project because our ultimate plan is to turn this house around as a rental unit and build a house that better suits our family's needs.
Needless to say the travertine and granite were out. But, I was (and am) still over the top happy with the end result. Well, almost end, cause it's not finished yet.
Super Huge Improvement!!!
Luxurious Red Ruby walls...............MMMMMMMMMMM!! I just love the color of the walls!
We are utilizing almost everything that was previously existing: toilet, sink, cabinet and counter. The majorly new additions are the paint and the floors. And the rest of the fabulosity comes from ACCESSORIES. New mirrors, light fixtures, cabinet get the picture.
Did I mention I luv it??!!
My super loving bf and my father-n-law did all of the work themselves, which saved us even more $$, YEAH!! And most, if not all of my accessories were deals or steals. So, I now have an almost completed NEW half bath, a deliciously red sanctuary that I can enjoy beautifying myself in, a bf that's happy with all the $$ we didn't spend, and loads of experience for when we do the main bath. All in all, I would say its a pretty sweet deal.
Sweet Red Delicious Dreams from Wonderland

Friday, September 3, 2010


hi guys!! I'm trying to promote my Zaia fb page, so I'm hosting a giveaway, YEAH!! Once I reach 150 followers, I will be randomly choosing a winner for one of the pieces from the Zaia collection. So, if you're feeling lucky, if you'd like to help me out, or if you just wanna win something, please join me on fb:!/pages/Captain-Cook-HI/Zaia/136809329679297?ref=sgm

Thank you so so much!!

Good Luck!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Oooooh La La Sephora!!!

As you all know, I have been salivating for the last month @ the thought of stepping into Sephora while on our family vaca. Trust me, it took all of my strength not to demand that as our first stop straight from the baggage claim. And though it might've taken a couple of days...........behold...............**angels singing** Sephora loot!!!

I just want you all to know the bittersweet feeling I experienced while in Sephora. The inner spoiled diva that wishes I had a black amex screamed GO BUCKWILD!!!! But, the sensible, my kids are more important and need to be able to eat self strapped on the seatbelt and reigned it in.

So, this small, but oh so deliciously sweet loot, is what I walked out with. And the bf even got a little excited and splurged on a cologne, lol.

He actually had to hunt for this Diesel cologne because he didn't find it on his first scout through the store. Luckily for me, it gave him something to do while I struggled with my conscience about how much debt I was willing to get myself into.
I also have to admit that prior to the trip I had formed a whole list of "must-haves" from Sephora. But as soon as I walked through those beckoning glass doors, my mind became fuzzy and my list evaporated into thin air. I had a hard time thinking clearly and I literally had the urge to run through the store sweeping everything off the shelves and into my basket like they used to do when they had those grocery shopping spree/splurge contest shows on tv.
So, you can imagine my disappointment when the first display I see is Kat Von D, and the shelves are so empty that I actually don't want to even touch anything in fear of spiders jumping out of the corners. **tears are welling at this point**
But, my ever strong, always ask, mentality came to my rescue......because..........once I asked, the secret world of Sephora employees was shown to me, and voila, the brush set I wanted magically appeared.
Ok, not really, but the girl there said that the Kat Von D stuff goes so quickly, that they actually hide stashes of her stuff!!! Yeah for me!! Thank you oh so generous Sephora girl!!
Okay, on to the next. Urban Decay underground eyeliner.........luv luv luv!! Oh so buttery smooth. And the color is to die for. So sorry, but in all the excitement of buying, using, and posting, I forgot to do a swatch of the actual color.......haha, can you say ROOKIE!! Oh well.
For the next item, I have something awful to admit. I am a victim of advertising and mass marketing. I blame no one but myself and fully admit that I only bought this product because of who uses it and totally endorses it........NARS Turkish Delight. Do you know who I'm talking about??? KK aka Kim Kardashian totally loves Turkish Delight and pushes this product like her bodacious booty's life depends on it. Lol, a little exaggeration there.
But all in all, a very stupid waste of my egotistical, I wanna be famous $24, or whatever ridiculous amount it was. I DO NOT LIKE IT AT ALL!!
Before I start to get like a billion hate emails about my super critical review, let me just say two things. You can call it my defense.
1. I had very high hopes and expectations because someone "famous" luvs luvs luvs this lipgloss
2. I have also seen reviews from regular peeps that luv luv luv this lipgloss...........only to realize now that they too might be victims of the famous=good train
Now, my reasons for not liking this lipgloss (beware, they are super simple and reasonable)
1. The wand and/or lipgloss has a funky smell. When you apply to your lips the smell travels up to your nostril area resulting in a "nostril pucker" of sorts
2. The color is non-impressive and does not go on evenly. I have to even it out with my finger which defeats the whole purpose of the wand and the ooober expensive lipgloss.
So, its pretty black and white as I see it. But, to each his own, and if you love it, I am happy for you because you got your money's worth. I will continue to use it because if I don't, it is a waste of my money, haha.
And, on to the next:
Oh my heaven!! There is absolutely nothing bad I can say! At all! Period! I luvvvv luvvv luvvv it!! Plus, I got two more UD eyeliners, YEAH!!
All in all, it was another great Sephora experience. It usually a once a year experience, but @ least I get that!!
Until next year Sephora, XOXO, and I hope the same girl is working and gives me the ticket to Sephora Wonderland again!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I was a little afraid our zoo adventure wasn't going to happen because when we woke up that morning it was RAINING!!
But we headed out anyway and by the time we got there it was blazing hottttt!!! Ewww sweaty everythings..............haha
But the boys didn't seem to mind the heat one bit. My little one was running from one exhibit to the next.

Luckily most of the animals were out and about. We even had to stop @ one point to let a family of peacocks pass by.

We were loaded up with lots of water and goodies for the kids to keep them fueled (and walking). It took us 3 hours to make it to the end. I was definetely ready for a "mommy" treat of my own by then!

After we got back to the hotel and rested and got the kids was PLAYTIME for mom and dad. Our beautiful friends from Oahu met up with us for good food, drinks, laughs, and love!
This is my friend U'i and her husband Mark. I miss her and want her to move back home close to me.

My baby and I enjoying some adult alone time. We had the greatest vaca and I luved every minute of it! Though it was a bit pricey, we definetely feel like you need to get out of the everyday rut and just take some time to relax and enjoy your life!! Totally worth it and we can't wait to do it again!!
And the vaca pics aren't over yet............