Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A is for Alice

I'm changing my name to Alice. Well, ok, not really. But I feel like I should. I feel like I am crawling out of a hole departing from Wonderland, where I have been stuck for the last 2 weeks.
My last post was Sep 3rd, YIKES!! I knew it had been a while but.......O M G!!
So, excuses aside, I am back. YEAH (@ least for me)!!
Work has been crazy, kids have been crazy, life has been crazy.
So, with a heavy sigh, I now attempt to fill you in on just some of the things that have been going on with me:
The bf and I started a remodel project I think sometime in July. And by bf and I, I mean: I tell him what I want and he attempts to make me happy :)
Our plan is to remodel our humble abode 1 little project @ a time. So, we started with our little half bath.
**side note: I am totally kicking myself for not taking a before shot**
But, to make up for my slacking, I have provided a pic of our main bath, which pretty much was the theme of our little half bath also.
As you can see, its pretty outdated. Linoleum floors, old paint, handrails from previous owners, etc.
Though I was excited @ the smell of the word REMODEL, I had to pull in the reigns and get a grip. We didn't want to put too much $$ into the project because our ultimate plan is to turn this house around as a rental unit and build a house that better suits our family's needs.
Needless to say the travertine and granite were out. But, I was (and am) still over the top happy with the end result. Well, almost end, cause it's not finished yet.
Super Huge Improvement!!!
Luxurious Red Ruby walls...............MMMMMMMMMMM!! I just love the color of the walls!
We are utilizing almost everything that was previously existing: toilet, sink, cabinet and counter. The majorly new additions are the paint and the floors. And the rest of the fabulosity comes from ACCESSORIES. New mirrors, light fixtures, cabinet get the picture.
Did I mention I luv it??!!
My super loving bf and my father-n-law did all of the work themselves, which saved us even more $$, YEAH!! And most, if not all of my accessories were deals or steals. So, I now have an almost completed NEW half bath, a deliciously red sanctuary that I can enjoy beautifying myself in, a bf that's happy with all the $$ we didn't spend, and loads of experience for when we do the main bath. All in all, I would say its a pretty sweet deal.
Sweet Red Delicious Dreams from Wonderland

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