Monday, September 27, 2010

Soccer Saturdays

Now that Keau is playing U5 soccer, we officially have 3 boys in soccer in 3 different age brackets. The boys love it!!
Unfortunately, that also means three different game times. Last weekend we had a game @ 8am, 9am, and 3pm :(
But this weekend, we were lucky enough to be off the soccer field by 1-SUPER YEAH! So we headed out for a super delish late lunch.
Me and the bf usually don't eat breakfast on soccer saturdays just because we are caught up in the shinguard/soccer ball/fruits/snacks/waterjugs cyclone that is always present on this manic day of the week.
Did I mention the bf also coaches our oldest, who is now in the U10 division??!!
So after a long morning of super hot, muggy soccer madness, we stuff our faces with yummy goodness.
There isn't a picture of me or my food, but I had a gooey cheesy calzone with a slice of red velvet for dessert. Actually, that's not true. I attempted to have the above mentioned sinful goodies, but was able to only get about 4 bites of each before the pack barged in and ate the rest :)
Oh well, as long as it gets eaten!!
Can somebody please tell me how I am supposed to feed these lil monsters when they turn into famished teenagers that will probably also be bringing their friends home to eat all of my food too??!!
Planning my garden/farm now!

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Donna ♥ Baby said...

ahaha aww thats so cute :) i hope my boys are into soccer too.. well they probably will be since my boyfriend is portuguese ahahaha..