Friday, October 29, 2010

Another Sephora Love Story

Welcome to: A moisturizing dream come true!!
I got this lil baby as a sample with my last Sephora order. And I have to admit, my first reaction was....... Shiseido=my grandma. I don't know why, but when I think of Shiseido I think of older, grandma type ladies :}

Well, the lil old ladies got it right, cause this stuff is AWESOME!!
It is super silky and lightweight, not greasy, and has a nose-friendly light powder smell.
Yeah!! So after about a week of using this oh-so-wonderful product, I headed to to order boxes and boxes of this good stuff. Holy jawdropper-this stuff is expensive!! $72 for the smaller bottle and $92 for the bigger bottle.
I mean, I luv my skin, but do I luv it that much??!! Well, the obvious answer is YES. So what did I do?????
I sparingly scraped and stretched my little sample as far as it would go, and when I had about four days worth left in the bottle, I caved and ordered my fountain of youth in a bottle.
This is the expensive time of the year for us. Holidays, birthdays, special occasions all seem to come crashing down in a consecutive 6-month period. For example:HALLOWEEN.
So, this wonderful moisturizer really is a splurge. And, it has been my experience that you really do get more for your dollar when you purchase bigger sizes from Sephora. So, I splurged the $92, but got free shipping!
And, you can't put a price on beauty, right??!!
The next item up on my wish list is the Sexy Little Things perfume from VS. I bought a little travel size solid stick and I luv it. Luckily, my mom just left for vegas, so she is bringing me back my scented little gift in a weeks time........(yeah for my wallet).
Skin moisturized- check.
Body smelling good and yummy- check.
Everything else- working on it (lol).

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Orange-u-glad it's almost Halloween!!

Well, almost anyway :)
And what better way to seal the halloween deal, than with a pair of *BOOM*, fabulous earrings??!!
(14k gold-filled dyed orange wooden bead hoops)
(Literally, "Boom" is the name of this pair)

Super lightweight and fun, adding just the right pizzazz to your everyday fabulous!

I even got compliments while in the grocery store buying milk, eggs, and oh yeah-pizza for dinner, lol!

****CAUTION::little side note of personal history about to surface..........
So, for those of you who either followed me from the the very first blog post, or for those of you who were interested enough to look @ prior blogs, you will know that my intention for this blog site was to send out a worldwide flyer, available to the masses, that I am here to provide YOU with uberly cute handmade jewelry @ super good, I can buy more than one pair, prices.
However, I got caught up in the blogging haze of personal madness, and decided some ORDER is needed!!
So, I am back with the first pair of uberly cute earrings!

Happy shopping!!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Love for Red

Anyone for some LV?
Ooooh glamorous oooh. An LV luv, that I can't believe I ever lived without. This shiny little number can double as a wallet or a clutch, and just like the perfect pair of red lips, it adds just enough sexy confidence to your step, that any hollywood director would be LUCKY to have YOU!!
(Thank you mama for the half down payment/gift card that gave me this beautiful baby)

Ladies and gentleman, may I present:


(Crowd breaks into applause)

Red Velvet, Red Velvet, oh how I heart you!! Ok, I know it's really just chocolate cake @ the core, but honestly, what is sexier...........the idea of plain brown (but still yummy) chocolate cake crumbs being eaten off your half naked body (WHOA-PG 13 alert), OR, deliciously scrumptious, sensual Red Velvet crumbs making every bodily sense tingle??

Ok, I think you get my picture, lol!! I heart me some Red Velvet. In fact, I'm pretty sure this is one wedding decision that is set in stone!! Red Velvet wedding cake it is!!

Next up;

Strawberry Margies with a bestie. Need I say more?

Seriously, margies with a bestie= CURE ALL!!

Another home remedy cure all is FAMILY. For those of you with kiddos, you know how those precious little unscripted moments just make your day??!! This is one of those. My little casanova rockin' the flaming red (he gets his style from his mama) "I am a chick magnet" glasses, equals an ooberly huge melted heart!!

And even though I could go on and on and on, about all the red things I love (did I mention its my fave color), I will take all of these yummy delish red love memories, and head into happyland.
*Omg, side note: Red velvet margies............wouldn't that be delish??**
Lovely Red Wonders

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Iphone Cult...........I am a Follower

I am a hypocrite. But, the first step to absolution is admittal (and acceptance).
I am using this very public portal of infinite depths to confess...........I was a devout Blackberry lover. To the core. No IFS, ANDS, OR BUTS.
And, I am asking for forgiveness. Please Iphone Gods.......forgive me.
Ok, so I really just want to rant about how cool the Iphone is, specifically related to pics.

This is a pic, totally altered by one of my vast array of Iphone applications, of the super duper cutey bracelet I got last week while on my Ironman excursion with the kiddos. It's a multi-strand layered bead bracelet/cuff, that I heart. And as a jewelry maker, it was heart wrenching for me to part with the horrendously ridiculous $6, but alas, it was totally worth it.

Next up, a plain jane picture of my oooberly cutie patoootie, little one.


Altered Iphone version:
How can you not love it?? It just makes the oooberly cutie patoootie that much more delicious, right??!!

And please do not forget all the cartoon extras available............
(I am taking this moment to add that all of these apps I am using are FREE!!!)
Seriously people. Total random pics taken @ the local Sports Authority + 5 minutes on the Iphone= christmas card perspective. Haha, ok, maybe not. But still super cool. And the boys luved it!!
Did I mention the grandmas eat this sh****(shugar) up??!!
Giddy cartoon dreams and sweet angelic kiddo faces

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


This past weekend was the annual Ironman triathalon here in Hawaii. Usually we stay out of town, which gets super congested with traffic and people and is just mad craziness.

But this year, my girlfriend and I, loaded up the kiddos and braved the madness. And I am super glad we did. It was an amazing experience for myself (triathalon newbie) as well as the kids.
They were amazed to learn what the Ironman actually involved (swim/bike/run), and that people start @ 63o in the morning and are still running @ 12 at night. Yikes!!

While we were down at the festivities we HAD to get something to cool us off...........
Can you see how hot is was?? Poor kid was trying his damndest to eat as much of that ice cream cone as he could before it melted clear down his arm, lol.
I didn't get a pic of Kekama with his ice cream because he inhaled that bad boy in like 2 gulps.
And don't forget the shave ice!! Lucky Keau was the only one with a spoon and bowl.

After we cooled off, we walked around and found some of the cutest accessories, which I will show you in a later post.
Then we walked around some more while waiting for our party of 7 + 1 highchair, dinner table to open up. We were trying to get a primo spot @ a super duper yummy mexican restaurant.............but so was everyone else, haha!
So, a very hungry (and super thirsty) hour later, we were seated......YEAH!!
This restaurant has the best prices, biggest portions, yummiest food and margies ever!!

So me and my girlfriend each had one scrumptious margie, super yummy food, and a great time with the kiddos! They were super excited to have an elevated, clear view of the street below where all the triathletes were finishing the race. And once it got dark, which it was by the time we got seated, the glow sticks came out too!!
Then, we packed everyone up and headed to the fire station for a quick daddy visit before heading home. But daddy was so busy with Ironman calls, that we ended up visiting with the rest of the crew while the kids gobbled up some yummy Hagen Dazs ice cream that their fireman uncles like to keep in stock just to torture us mommies.
By the time we got home it was almost 10pm, and the kiddos were konked out drooling in the car, while mama was dragging everyone in the house looking forward to the very hott steamy yummmy shower that was waiting.
All in all, a great day, with a great friend, and a definite must-do for next year!!
Yummy margie dreams!!

Clean sheets & Roses

Two of my most favorite things in the whole wide world............clean sheets and roses.
For the past month, work has been super duper crazy hectic and STRESSFUL!! It has taken over my life in every way, shape and form, which finally resulted in a semi-nervous breakdown and crying bout. But like a good rain, those tears washed and rinsed my worries away.
And of course my super amazing bf, who is always supportive (and sometimes gets that "caged animal in a corner PANIC" look) when I hop onto my crazy crying train, sent me the most beautiful flowers to cheer me up. Isn't he the sweetest??!! I heart him soooo much! And I heart him even more for letting me ride that crazy train every once in a while. I like to tell myself that as a working mother of three with a fireman bf and kids that are involved in what seems like every activity imaginable..............its bound to happen :)
Anyway, now that that little rant and rave is over.............CLEAN SHEETS are here to further brighten your day.
Seriously, is there anything better than crisp, clean, I just want to lay in my bed and read all day, sheets?? I think not.
I have probably been OCD about the sheet thing for about the last 6 months. Usually, mornings are a hectic time for us and I am usually running out of the house (late) with my crazy lady face on while my kids pile into the car. So, the bed-making chore that we were all taught so well @ such a young age, gets neglected. But, I have been on a mission to set a good example for my kids, and their non-made beds, to dutifully do my chore every morning and get er done! Plus, there's nothing like coming home to a well made bed after our usually loooong days!! It helps me to relax and ahhhhhhh, let a breath out.
And super cute bedding makes it even that much funner!
Super shopper score of the month. Well, actually I scored this last month, but it's a score non the less!!
5-piece King size bedding set for like $60!! And the comforter is actually G-R-E-A-T!! I luv it.
You know how sometimes you think you're getting a super score like this and then you go home only to find out that the comforter is super itchy and you'll never really use it again?? I've had me a few of those, but not this time, YEAH!!
On that note, I bid you farewell from my super comfy clean sheet bed, dreaming of roses and love thanks to a wonderful bf!