Tuesday, October 12, 2010


This past weekend was the annual Ironman triathalon here in Hawaii. Usually we stay out of town, which gets super congested with traffic and people and is just mad craziness.

But this year, my girlfriend and I, loaded up the kiddos and braved the madness. And I am super glad we did. It was an amazing experience for myself (triathalon newbie) as well as the kids.
They were amazed to learn what the Ironman actually involved (swim/bike/run), and that people start @ 63o in the morning and are still running @ 12 at night. Yikes!!

While we were down at the festivities we HAD to get something to cool us off...........
Can you see how hot is was?? Poor kid was trying his damndest to eat as much of that ice cream cone as he could before it melted clear down his arm, lol.
I didn't get a pic of Kekama with his ice cream because he inhaled that bad boy in like 2 gulps.
And don't forget the shave ice!! Lucky Keau was the only one with a spoon and bowl.

After we cooled off, we walked around and found some of the cutest accessories, which I will show you in a later post.
Then we walked around some more while waiting for our party of 7 + 1 highchair, dinner table to open up. We were trying to get a primo spot @ a super duper yummy mexican restaurant.............but so was everyone else, haha!
So, a very hungry (and super thirsty) hour later, we were seated......YEAH!!
This restaurant has the best prices, biggest portions, yummiest food and margies ever!!

So me and my girlfriend each had one scrumptious margie, super yummy food, and a great time with the kiddos! They were super excited to have an elevated, clear view of the street below where all the triathletes were finishing the race. And once it got dark, which it was by the time we got seated, the glow sticks came out too!!
Then, we packed everyone up and headed to the fire station for a quick daddy visit before heading home. But daddy was so busy with Ironman calls, that we ended up visiting with the rest of the crew while the kids gobbled up some yummy Hagen Dazs ice cream that their fireman uncles like to keep in stock just to torture us mommies.
By the time we got home it was almost 10pm, and the kiddos were konked out drooling in the car, while mama was dragging everyone in the house looking forward to the very hott steamy yummmy shower that was waiting.
All in all, a great day, with a great friend, and a definite must-do for next year!!
Yummy margie dreams!!


Sharon said...

oks like u had fun..great pics hun

Taj Acosta said...

Looks like fun! I love Hawaii! Loving your blog doll ;)