Thursday, October 14, 2010

Iphone Cult...........I am a Follower

I am a hypocrite. But, the first step to absolution is admittal (and acceptance).
I am using this very public portal of infinite depths to confess...........I was a devout Blackberry lover. To the core. No IFS, ANDS, OR BUTS.
And, I am asking for forgiveness. Please Iphone Gods.......forgive me.
Ok, so I really just want to rant about how cool the Iphone is, specifically related to pics.

This is a pic, totally altered by one of my vast array of Iphone applications, of the super duper cutey bracelet I got last week while on my Ironman excursion with the kiddos. It's a multi-strand layered bead bracelet/cuff, that I heart. And as a jewelry maker, it was heart wrenching for me to part with the horrendously ridiculous $6, but alas, it was totally worth it.

Next up, a plain jane picture of my oooberly cutie patoootie, little one.


Altered Iphone version:
How can you not love it?? It just makes the oooberly cutie patoootie that much more delicious, right??!!

And please do not forget all the cartoon extras available............
(I am taking this moment to add that all of these apps I am using are FREE!!!)
Seriously people. Total random pics taken @ the local Sports Authority + 5 minutes on the Iphone= christmas card perspective. Haha, ok, maybe not. But still super cool. And the boys luved it!!
Did I mention the grandmas eat this sh****(shugar) up??!!
Giddy cartoon dreams and sweet angelic kiddo faces

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