Thursday, September 22, 2011

More of the remodel

I know, I know. Barf & gag- you're so sick of hearing about the remodel. Sorry! But to be on the realistic side of things, we've I've probably created a monster with this the first project and I the bf will probably never stop being forced to "improve" my our house. I'm a slave driver, what can I say? So, if it's not this project, it's gonna be another one. **Cheers**

Moving on.
Yesterday was the last day for our contractor. Yay! Sigh : (
It's a bittersweet moment where we rejoice because it's the last check we'll have to cut for that expense, but there's still so much to do that I wish he could stay (forever and ever amen). *Kleenex break*
Anyway, back to the remodel. So basically they came to finish up a bunch of finish work, as pictured above. The crown mouldings, toe kicks, & finished panels, were put on.

While they were plugging away with all of that, the bf got the first coat of paint on ALL the walls.
No more white!

This is a better pic of the actual wall color. It's a light grey that I'm pretty sure will end up medium grey by the time the second coat goes on. Which I'm totally cool with. But, because I don't want the room to "look small", as quoted by numerous fancy schmancy interior designers in regards to small rooms and dark paint, we are going to paint all the trim white (baseboards, door trim, crown moulding, etc).

This is a perfect example of a *Kleenex moment*. We only have about half of our cabinet hardware on. Oh well. Slow and steady = $$$ in the pocket. Fast and done (i.e contractor) = empty pockets.

Ooooh, and they also installed our "modern" lazy susan. Wood shelves, metal rod/anchor system thingy, and NO PLASTIC. You won't find your grandma's lazy susan in this house. *High fives*

The turtle did end up winning right?

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