Friday, September 16, 2011

Moisturize me

Do you remember me?

This baby is awesome. I bought this moisturizer back in October (from Sephora) and blogged about it here.
And since I am currently scraping the sides, I thought I'd do an updated review.
So I originally got this as a free sample with another Sephora order I received, and it came in a super cute, teeny tiny mini version of that bad boy pictured above. After using it for about a week, I knew it needed to be mine.
A whole lotta money (and tears) later, I got a box in the mail. YIPPEEE!
Well, this baby has lasted me almost one whole year. And that is with an everyday application. So it actually ended up costing me something like $.25/day. Holla for a good deal!
I am trying to stretch what I have left until we go to Vegas on October 2nd. First stop.........SEPHORA! Actually, I have such a long Sephora list that it might be the one and only stop for me, lol.
 I also ended up keeping the sample bottle and used bad boy to fill it up. Perfect for travelling.

Cheers to yummy goodness for your skin,

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