Tuesday, September 20, 2011

12 more days and we'll be in Vegas

You're probably wondering what a pic like this has to do with Vegas..........

Lol. Actually, in my weird humor, I crack up at myself constantly, kind of way.......it makes sense.

Let me put my drink down and explain. This is a pic of my make up bag AND of the things I love to do while on vaca............SHOP!! I love hitting up Sephora, Coach, Forever21, Nordstrom, blah blah blah, you get the point. Anyway, since I am running low on a lot of my Sephora essentials, I am extremely anxious about getting there before I run out. I know, I know, I could shop online and they have free shipping for orders over $50. But I proudly admit that I am a Sephora junkie. I love going into the store and walking around aimlessly and touching lots of things and balking at the ridiculous prices and filling up my bag nontheless. So, I will torture myself for the next 12 days and demand that that be our first stop as soon as we get our bags off the plane. (I'll let you know later how that fight turned out)
I am also hoping to score lots of "Super Deals" @ Coach so that all of my wonderful besties will get glam surprises in their Xmas bags. *Side note to the besties: If it's not there come Xmas, you know it was a failed mission*
And, thanks to a super duper hook up from the preggers, I also get to sport a brand new carry all tote on the plane (pics coming soon). Thanks Luv!!
I might even get a little gambling in. But I doubt it. I can't stand to play if I don't start winning immediately. So hopefully the bf will take care of that department and get me a little more $pending money :)

Looking like a hott mess for the next 12 days,


BlueVanilla said...

Vegas has the best shopping! Sephora is addicting!!

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ambrosia said...

BlueVanilla~ Dangerous for sure! Better leave my cc's @ home, lol!