Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sweet smells and frilly things

The Morning Spot.

This is my fav lil corner of my bathroom. I always save this for last, right before I walk out the door. I like to get my make up on and my clothes donned before I decide how I want to smell for the day :)
My ultimate fav is the Dior (as you can tell by the nearly empty bottle). The Dior and VS (black bottle in the back) are very floral and girlie smelling. The Marc Jacobs is similar to this, but also with a hint of citrusy zest. I don't know how else to explain it, other than I feel like it embodies the feel and smell of Summer. The Gucci is very musty and sexy. It makes me feel like a mysterious, intriguing woman that maybe doubles as a secret agent, always dressed in form fitting, drop your jaw, dresses and stilettos.

Ok, back to reality......
So I had a kind of boring weekend, since one of the kiddos was still not feeling good. So, I got a lot of house cleaning done. (Be prepared for sarcasm) Woohoooo : /

But, I also did get a chance to work on some new stuff for Zaia. And since it's been like forever (the start of the home remodel mission) since I've had a chance to do this, I was pretty excited.

I also took yesterday off to be home while the contractor and his guys came over.........

Stay tuned (pics tomorrow),

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