Thursday, September 15, 2011

Counter Attack!

Someone give me a cigarette.
Okay, not really, since I don't smoke. But you know that super satisfied "after" feeling that's usually portrayed with someone having a cigarette? Well, that's me right now :)
We finally got some countertops- YIPPEEEE!

We decided to go with laminate, since we're pretty sure our 3 boys will somehow manage to ruin it.
It's called Bella Noche~

And I absolutely love it!!

I was really worried about it looking cheap and lame, but it looks super fab! Now I'm not gonna exaggerate and say, "oh you'd never know it was laminate. It looks just like granite". Okay, no. But, it definitely does not look cheap and plastic, like the "old" laminate used to.

Like the walls?

The walls are a lighter greyish color. You know me and my aversion to white.
And how do you like our custom flooring? It's something we invented, and for a pretty penny, you can have the same unique look in your home. Lol.

But now that all the messy parts of the remodel are done, we can actually rip out our cardboard and blue tape flooring and start on the tile.

We opted to do an island/bar top, rather than a huge one level island. We felt like it would separate the kitchen and living room better. Final measurement is about 10.5 ft long.

We haven't hooked up the sink yet, but hopefully by the end of the weekend!

On another season has started. And my lil stud just makes my heart melt. Here he is all suited up in his pads.

The big guy is cute too :)

They get big so fast.

Hugs all around,

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