Friday, October 28, 2011

Trick or Treat

Here come the holidays.
Cue the chaos, food, shopping, wrapping, $$$, more food.......exhaustion.
Halloween is the holiday that gets me shooting out of the race gates and warmed up for my yearly 6 month marathon. It goes something like this: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, start of new sport season, New Years, birthday, Valentines Day, birthday, birthday, Easter, birthday, start of another sport season, and then comes summer. Whew.
I love going to the "after Holiday" sales. That is my moment to shine. When I can get uber good sales and stock up on supplies for the next year. The hardest part of this process is remembering where I stashed it all, lol.

Goodie bags for days! I love this part. And the kids love to help too. We probably make around 100 little goodie bags for all the teammates and classmates, and around 8 good goodie bags for the nieces, nephews, and family friends.
Every year I put less and less candy in the goodie bags, substituting more healthy and useful things.
(Pencils, books, gift certificates, fruit cups, juice packs, etc)

What are your plans for Halloween? Are the mamas out there busy stuffing loads of goodie bags too?

Vampire teeth and stretchy frogs,

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