Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy Halloween & Free Shipping!!

Happy Halloween!!
Well, almost. It's right around the corner and we haven't even put our decorations out yet. Boo me!
I smell a weekend project : )

But since I'm stuck @ work, here's my e-Halloween fix.

I love the simplistic statement this wreath makes. Plus, it looks like it would store easy. I think I'm already up to like 6 or 7 Halloween decoration bins....Eeeek!

Is this not the coolest thing?! I absolutely adore this mask. Super unique! I can guarantee that no one else you see on Halloween will have a mask like this.
With that said, I am giving you all a fair WARNING: I am desparately waiting for the next Halloween that falls on a weekend. I am going all out!! ALL-OUT!! The house decorations will be off the hook, my costume will be to-die-for, and grandma better be ready to babysit : )

This necklace is a perfect example of Halloween jewelry that can be worn all year long. Actually, it's more like a great piece of jewelry that can also be worn on Halloween.
I love the big blue eyes. And I like how it has so many different things going on that give it character.

Okay folks, now how uberly cute is this bow?? If I had a daughter I would totally let her rock this all year long. The bows come in a variety of different sizes, colors and patterns. And the prices are totally reasonable. Yay!

Now this is something I would LOVE to have hanging on my front door. This wreath is fabulously glam, no doubt! In fact, I just might wear this as my costume. Ms. Halloween 2011??!!

You know I had to throw in something from my shop too. Especially since I have a free shipping promo going on right now:
**Free priority shipping on all domestic orders. Use "FREE4ME" coupon code @ checkout.
Feel free to shop your little hearts out.

Halloween wishes,


Mommyof2girlz/StephD said...

That mask is amazing and love the big orange flower ring. Awesome finds! Stopping by & following from Etsians on FB Team :)

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Great ideas!

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Thanks for the follow! Loved your bento post :)

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