Thursday, October 20, 2011

Back to remodeling

Who's been missing the remodel posts??
I's like a sick addiction. I am currently seeking help on the matter.

And it's not like we've gotten sooo much accomplished that I just have to tell you about it. But right now it's all about the baby steps. Eventually we'll be off and running again........(I hope).

So I finally went and got glass put in our upper cabinet door. It has been naked this whole time. I was aiming for something a little more decorative and WOW, but I realized that since the actual glass opening was so small, it just wouldn't do any patterned glass justice. But, I think it looks great anyway.

We the bf got all the walls painted with their second coat. Yay!!
Hopefully this weekend will be primering and painting the baseboards and door trims. We the bf still has to add the crown moulding to the top of the walls so it doesn't look so plain.

Now some of you may be thinking.......hmmmm......the bf does like everything. What is this lazy ass diva doing while she makes her boyfriend slave day and night??!!
Shopping of course!! (Joke).
I mean, it is my responsibility to decorate this newly renovated, lovely house. But, I also have to work, do the mommy/kid soccer, football, judo practice thing, make sure the bills are still being paid on time, laundry, house cleaning, blah get it. It's a team effort people.
Anyway, back to the shopping.

So the bf really wants me to put shelf liners in all of the cabinets and drawers. And I (naturally) hate shelf liners. But, I do agree with him that I have to put some on the shelves that hold our pots and pans and the like. We wanna protect these beautiful cabinet$ that co$t u$ $o much $. And I did see some awesomely cute/modern shelf liners @ Target, so I'm planning on using those. But, in some of the other areas, like the utensil drawers, I really wanted to avoid using shelf liners (if at all possible).
Well.......I found these super cute trays @ Ross the other weekend and I thought (hoped) they would fit perfectly. They were only $3.99/each, so I picked up 4, which was all they had. Don't you love it?? I do! I just like that it serves the same purpose, but with a non-shelf liner kinda twist : )

I also found 2 of these super cute branch/twig bowl thingies. They were only $6.99/each. I'm not really sure what I'm gonna use them for yet. I've been using one as our fruit bowl in the kitchen and I'm thinking of using the other one in the bathroom with rolled up washcloths (or something) in it.

And just in time for Halloween........BAM!!
They also had the cutest sparkly lil foam pumpkins. I think these were like $4. The platter was $14.
Since all of my Halloween decorations are still packed away, and our house is still in a state of chaos, I thought, why not? A platter full of lil pumpkins is sure to set the festive mood. My boys and the bf totally appreciated the effort (sarcasm @ its finest).

Painted walls & glittery pumpkins,

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