Thursday, October 13, 2011

Candy, Pizza, and Drinks

Vegas is probably the junk food/alcohol capital of the world.
Everywhere you go there are candy stores, fast (fried) food vendors, and alcohol stops. Not that I am complaining about any of this.........I'm just stating the facts.

One of the most important stops for the kids was M & M world. It is $13/lb. Gah! But, I guess it's all about the experience. With a wall full of colorful, deliciously inviting M & M's, who can resist??
So they each got a 1 lb allowance.

And.......5 minutes later.......they are happy : )

Geez. Looking @ this picture makes me realize how big they are getting. And, how OLD I am getting (wahhh moment).

So, after wasting nearly $50 on candy, we were slumming around the strip a little more, when all of a sudden.........we were overcome by thunder, lightning, and a torrential downpour. Literally sun one minute, rain the next. I wish I had taken a video of how quickly all the people cleared the strip. But, alas, I was too busy trying to save my hair and duck and cover with all my lil baby ducklings in tow.
After standing under a Walgreens overhang for 5 minutes, the rain lightened a little and we decided to "overhang hop" to Sephora. 3 hops later......we were still soaked from the off and on rain (so much for the save the hair effort), and poor lil man actually got sprayed by a passing car while we were shuffling along the sidewalk. *When I said downpour I was NOT exaggerating*

But the shopping gods were looking down on us and we ended up running into an indoor mall. I forget what the name of it is, but it has Sephora, Victoria's Secret, Bath & Body, Sugar Factory, and about a gazillion other shops and restaurants. YAY!!

So we shopped and shopped and shopped, dried off, and met up with one of my parentals (and his Housewives crew- private joke) for dinner.

We decided to hit up an uber popular, tv's everywhere, always crowded sports bar that's located right @ the entrance of the mall. Mama needed a drink and the boys were hungry.
They actually got to make their own pizzas, which they loved. And, the price was right too. Kiddie menu holla!

My poor lil man was so tired from all the shuffling and shopping that he took a little nap right on the table. We did wake him up once his food arrived and after he shook off his grogginess he had a second wind. Yay for quickie lil cat naps (and no whining)!
So we finished up dinner, left the adults to drink some more, and headed back to our hotel.
Zzzzzzzz time.

M & M's, pizzas, and margaritas,

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