Thursday, October 27, 2011

Re re re remodel

Back with a vengeance! Sorry for the lil intermission. But, I think it's good to take a breather every now and then. Clear the mind. Right?!

And what better way to jump right back into things then with a remodel status update:

Since we had no soccer this past weekend I got the opportunity to deep clean and purge parts of our house. I only had Saturday free so there was only so much I could do. 

While I was doing a gazillion loads of laundry, I decided to unpack all of our small kitchen appliances. I've managed to tackle a few boxes every week, slowly getting our silverware, dishes, cooking utensils, blah blah blah- unpacked, washed, and put away. But since we basically have our whole house still packed up, I was a little apprehensive about embarking on my appliance hunt.
The microwave was easy to find since it's so big. I was trying to hold out for the microwave hood that we are going to install over the range, but I couldn't do it. The no appliance thing is killing me.
And luckily,  the toaster and rice cooker were in a box in the front. Wooohoooo! My next mission is to see how many different meals I can make using just our Crockpot.

To celebrate my successful finds, we had bagel bites & grapes for lunch (using our handy dandy microwave) in our makeshift dining room, with our UH fold out football table gifted to us by grandma. The boys were overjoyed!! I think they were more excited about the table then the bagel bites, to be honest, but whatever. 

While I was doing my gazillion loads of laundry and hunting for hidden treasures, I was also working on getting our room organized. During our remodel process, our room has served as the catchall, drop everything in here, we can't find crap, overpacked/overstuffed room. And I finally had had enough!
I am secretly plotting our room as the next victim of our remodel makeover, so I try not to make things too permanent. These babies are perfect! Easy to move (when needed), organizational, and decorative : )

Speaking of decorative.......what the hell is up with curtain rods being so damn expensive?! Ugh, and don't even get me started on the price of curtains. That'll have to be a rant for another post.
Luckily, I was able to utilize my handy dandy Ross store for yet another super find! However, it did take a little more leg work and 2 store visits, but in the end it was a definite success.

My first visit resulted in 4 (short) matching curtain rods @ $14.99 each. I need 6 all together, and of those 6, I need 1 of the really long ones. So, I purchased the 4 (short) and was told to come back to the store in 3 days when the next shipment was arriving. Three days later I was back at Ross desperately searching for my matching 2 rods. No such luck : (
However, I was able to find a different style of rod, 6 in all, 5 short and 1 long, @ $13.99 each. YAY!! And instead of returning the other 4, I decided to keep them since I want to put new rods in all of our bedrooms too. So technically, I still need to find 1 more rod for 1 bedroom, but since it's the only lone window there, it doesn't need to match what I have already purchased.
Whew! Didn't I tell you there was going to be a math quiz today?! Lol.

Moving and grooving,

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