Monday, November 14, 2011

Veterans Day success story

Guess who got appliances???

Okay, so here's the scoops on the appliance situation:
We already have a (newish) black refrigerator that we purchased last year. And we were gifted a stainless/black dishwasher from our neighbors (thanks!). We have an (old) almond range and a white countertop microwave.
So, I've been on the hunt for new stainless/black appliances to match our fridge and our newly (in progress) remodeled kitchen.
After looking and searching and searching and looking for months, victory!!
Lowes, Home Depot and Sears were all having Veterans Day sales. Major sales.
But Lowes ended up having the best deals.
 It was 30% off Frigidaire appliances, plus an additional 10% off if you have a military ID. Hello! That's 40% off!!
So, I piled the kids in the car, coaxed the in-laws to meet me there (military ID), and 30 minutes later I was $800 poorer....... but happy!! 
Original price $1099
Final price $629
Original price $349
Final price $206

And we are getting delivery 2 days before Thanksgiving. Perfect!!

Prepping to cook up a storm,

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