Sunday, November 27, 2011

My week in a nutshell

Blah. I've been a naughty, naughty girl.
I know the holidays are no excuse for me not to blog, but to be brutally honest, I was just too busy last week. And everytime I had a free minute and sat down to type my little heart out, a wave of exhaustion would sweep over me. So, I decided to fill up my wine glass and take a little break.
But I'm back with a recap, starting with the most recent goings ons.

Yesterday was the last day of our extended, semi-vacation weekend, and we were LAZY. But the lil munchkins and I put on our santa hats (to cover our horrible bed head) and got to decorating.
The boys were a major help once they decided to take a break from fighting with each other. What can I say........a 4 day weekend can sometimes result in a little irritation amongst the brothers, lol.

The best part was turning all the lights on as soon as it got dark. I love to see their little eyes light up with excitement.
*Side note: most of these decorations are new, and scored at major discounts at after christmas sales last year. So, I buy them, store them, forget about them, and bust them out a year later. Well, imagine my surprise when I plugged in those lil penguins and that cute lil one in the middle actually started to move. Woohooo!! Animated Xmas decorations are a major hit with the kiddos.

This is my tired, waiting in line, Black Friday face.
I keep telling myself I'm going to stop Black Friday shopping, but every year I end up back in the same place........on my rear, waiting in some kind of line, at the ass crack of dawn.
And every year it's worth it.

Ooooh, and we finally got our appliances delivered. Yay!
The tile is almost completely done- Yay!
And I'm hoping to be cooking by early next week- Yay!

Going Xmas tree hunting tonight,

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