Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A sunday spent in the mud

Holy mud and tiles!
We have actually gotten rid of our custom cardboard flooring and started laying down our tile (YAY)!!
This is what we the bf accomplished on Thursday.

Now that all of the kiddos sports are done and over (another YAY!), we finally had a free Sunday, which I attacked with a vengeance. By the time the bf got home from work, I was in full swing. Clothes were in the washer, ITunes was blasting, sinks were getting scrubbed......needless to say, I was cleaning.

So the bf ripped off his shirt (dbl YAY!), threw on some work pants, and started laying tile, measuring, and cutting. We the bf got about 1/4 of the tile layed out (while I took secret pics of his backside), which pretty much took the whole day.

By the time he started mudding (and I took more secret sexy pics), it was after 4 pm. And apparently there's a precise scientific method to mudding and the consistency and how much to put, blah blah. So, because you can't just slap it down and go hog wild, we the bf only got to mud about half of what he layed out.

This was the status as of 6 pm.

So, he piled up the rest of the tiles for another day.
I mean, the kids had to eat sometime, lol.

Here's a pic of the entire kitchen/dining area that needs to be tiled. Almost there right??
Deadline is 11/22- holy monkeys! That's only a week away!

Hoping to come home to more mud today,

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The Clever Kitty said...

The tile is looking great! Good luck getting it finished by next week!