Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Well, not really, but now that Halloween's over, I feel like the countdown is on for the next holiday.
So I figure I might as well start on my holiday checklist.

1.Exercise (more)- I might as well get a jump start on this one since we all know the holidays are full of yummy, fattening, just can't resist, foods.

2.Start my Xmas shopping- I can put a little check next to this one. I've managed to pick up a few items in preparation for the Christmas madness. But, honestly, I live for the thrill of Black Friday shopping, so hopefully I can score the mother load on that day.

3.Save $$- kind of contradictory to #2 right? I mean, how am I supposed to shop if I'm trying to save money?! Well, I have faith it can be done. For example, if I bring lunch to work everyday, rather than buying an $8 lunch, that saves me probably around $30/week.........which saves me over $100/month. Which buys at least 4 more presents.........In Theory. I'll keep you posted on this one, lol.

4.Concentrate more on Zaia Jewelry- this one is on the forever list. I am always trying to find the perfect balance between work, life, and Zaia. I'll let you know if I ever find it. I doubt I will, but as long as I find what works for me and my family, that's fine by me.

21 more days til Thanksgiving, 22 more days til Black Friday, & 52 more days til Xmas,

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