Friday, December 9, 2011

My naked tree and new ornaments

I know that it's Christmas, and I shouldn't be all "bah humbug", but my freaking phone is still not fixed, and mama is starting to get a little grrrrrr! I know I shouldn't rely on it as much as I do. But let's face it........who doesn't??!! I can deal with the no volume thing (barely), but the messed up pictures and the getting my text messages a whole freaking day later (if I get them at all), is really starting to get to me. Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh!

Okay, well, with that being screamed said, moving on to merrier things.

Yay, we finally got our tree up. I went to Target and got new lights this year. It was time.
This is me attempting to get the lights on by myself. Halfway there!! Since I was sweating like a little oinker at this point......... time for a wine break : )

I usually don't shop for ornaments or wrapping paper or anything "sesonal" until the "after" sales. Yes, I am one of those crazy fools hitting up the stores the day after Christmas trying to snatch up all the bargains.
But, since we were in dire need of some new lights, I ended up walking around the Christmas section of Target, and before I knew it, my wagon was full with new decorations too. But, I did have a couple of coupons I could apply to these bad boys, so I ended up saving a couple bucks. Literally.

So, we are now armed with new lights and new ornaments.

Let the decorating begin,

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Hi I'm Liz! said...

Cute tree! When I get my own place, I am going to try to not buy ornaments either, but I know the feeling of being in the store surrounded by them and its just so tempting! :)