Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Half naked tree and almost done kitchen peep show

Hi all. Before reading this I have to warn you. As the title suggests, there will be inappropriate shots of nudity. Turn away now if this makes you feel uncomfortable. 

Well, not really. But I think I've got your attention.

My sweet tree has all of its lights and ornaments. Thanks kiddos! 
I still have to go back and de-clutter their decorista efforts. Plus, add a lil bit of mama's flare. But, there is something so extraordinary about a family coming together and sharing moments like this. This is probably my favorite part of Christmas. Seeing the kids' excitement and eagerness. Seeing daddy gazing at them with unconditional love and adoration. 
-break for a mama moment-
**Sniff Sniff** 
Please excuse the ill-placed tree skirt. This pic was taken immediately after the indians finished their attack on the tree. 

Even Cutie appreciates the view. Either that or she's plotting which ornament to attack and demolish first. 

Oh, what's that you ask? Why yes, it is our nearly complete (I could pee myself) kitchen. Just waiting on the plumber to come and hook up the range and dishwasher. 
That's right ladies....I said....D-I-S-H-W-A-S-H-E-R. I am very much looking forward to not washing a gazillion dishes after every single meal!
Ps. Carpet gets installed next week Tuesday....just in time for Xmas!

Seriously trying not to pee myself,

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