Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Blogging.......or the lack thereof......

I know that Halloween is over. But yet, this is what my face looks like.

Or, like this. It tends to constantly switch back and forth between the two, somehow conveniently passing over the "normal" face that USED to belong to me.

Why, you ask????

Well, grab your super size glass of wine (don't forget mine), and prop your feet up. Because for the next 5 minutes, you will be entertained with a non-stop rant about the goings on that currently dominate my crazy life. And if nothing else, you should get a really good buzz from drinking all that wine in that short amount of time :)

We have begun the remodeling of our main bathroom-WOOHOOO!!
And by "we", I mean my bf and the in-laws do all the hard labor while I'm @ work, and I have the tedious job of color coordinating/bathroom accessorizing/and constantly running to lowes and home depot for more supplies.

*Did I mention the kids are still in soccer and judo?*
Lol. I will have pics posted soon with the current naked/demo'd bathroom.
*Did I mention we're trying to do it all in a week?*
I'm starting to think that we self-inflict a lot of the craziness, haha. But, there really is never a "good time" for these kinds of things, so we figured the faster the better.
We are currently making do with the laundry/utility room bath and half bath we have in our bedroom. Trust me, 5 people trying to brush their teeth over 1 sink is a bit tricky. But it's definetely always an adventure!!
Needless to say, I am so excited for it to be finished! And I can't wait to see everything come together.

Also on the to-do list..........ETSY site coming soon!!
(Well, I hope)
I am working on getting an Etsy site up and running, but oh the leg work. Pictures to be taken. New products to be made. Packaging. A never ending list. But I'm hoping it will totally be worth it.
*If any of you have experience with Etsy, I would love to hear your feedback, pointers, don't dos, etc*

From crazyland,

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