Friday, November 19, 2010

This is for my sister

Here are my little angels:
Can't you just tell from their smiles that they're already plotting something?
Here is the reason why this post is dedicated to my sister:
My sister is currently battling the trials and tribulations of being a new mother to a 3 month old beautiful baby boy, and a 2 year old diva of a daughter.
I can remember these days, and I think to myself: WHAT WAS I THINKING??!!
(Which I'm sure has run through my sis's head a few times)
So, to cheer her up, I am showing her what I go through with 3 children all 2 years apart..........and what she has to look forward to :)
Luv u sis!

Here's our dinner on the stormy, windy cold thursday nite.
Of course everyone wanted different soups.
I omitted the pic of all the dishes piled in the sink, because I thought it was overkill, lol.

Then, after dinner, they settle down with a nice book, and quietly entertain themselves...........NOT!!!
Out come the guns.

And more guns. Or would these be considered missile launchers??

Oh, did I mention the trucks?
(sidenote: don't mind the pics of the messy house. It's usually always in some state of messy, so why fight it?)

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is a life-size CAT bulldozer sitting in my living room. And by life-size I mean 2 year old sized. Not only does he have hundreds of other CAT trucks that you buy from the store, but he has a CAT bulldozer costume that the bf and papa made for him for Halloween.

So, dear sister, I hope this helps to @ least give you a chuckle, and lighten the load for a second. We miss you and would love for you to come home soon!
Headed into the danger zone,

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Anonymous said...

Poor sissy, she'll get through it & I'm sure this will give her A laugh cause I did :) & I wanted to say thank you cause now I know what I'll be looking forward to, too :) LOL & on a second note I should have came to your house for dinner tonight I love soup & hot cocoa yummy.. Ok now I'm getting hungry again!!! Need to go to sleep so I don't think of food!!! & 3rd your boys are adorable who couldn't look at them & not want to smile :) just like when were on our dinner date & they somehow appear, too cute.. Love you xoxoxo Salina