Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Luvs

Oh the heavenly luvs of my life. My four men drive me crazy with love and bonkers @ the same time. Our family is always on the go, from one sports practice to another, while still finding the time to do the super fun things like fishing and bowling with friends.

Kekama (8), Kamaehu (6), and Keau (4) are so full of energy it's mind boggling. I cannot understand it. I've decided to just chuck it up to the 9th wonder of the world category and move on. Add to that the fact that these three children, all baked in the same oven, are so different, yet so the same, and I'm really confused.

Kekama is my sensitive little man. Kamaehu is rugged and rascal. And Keau is just great. We are lucky to have a great family. (Totally worth all the headaches and horrible bags under our eyes)!

The big hunky one in the middle is my Ivan. I could go on for days and days, but to sum it up........I LUV HIM!! This is seriously one of those "thank God for small favors" kind of deals, because Ivan is the greatest thing, besides my kiddos, to happen in my life. And he will be the first one to tell you that I am not one of those mushy, waiting for a prince charming to rescue me from my tower, kind of girls. I am more of the Sasha Fierce/Independent Woman/Hear Me Say Roar, kind of girls. But, *sigh*, he is definetely, without a doubt, what I was waiting for AND needing for.

With that said............... I just wanted to share a little about my supporting men, and how absolutely awesome they are! Thanks guys for all the luv!!

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Kellsbells said...

so sweet! i love this post... it's great. your kids are adorable, and the things you have to say about your hubby are so sweet!