Thursday, August 19, 2010

Apologies to all.........

Hi guys! I am very sorry, and super disappointed, that I haven't been able to post any new items for sale. My comp is not reading my media card from my camera, and I can't get any new pics up :(
I even have super fun ladies' nite pics that I am dieing to post!!

I have been working on my page in the meantime.........hope you like the new layout!!

And I will continue to try and fix my comp problems. Grrrrrrrr!! Maybe now I can get myself the Macbook I've been drooling over ;)


Princess Feef said...

macbooks are love <3
mine is old ,, but i love it ,, no way am going back to windows ever again ,,

been a Macintosh girl since 2008 =D
almost 3 years now ,,

hey there is media card reader ,, if you can find them ,, they are super cheap =)
u just take the memory card from the cam ,, put it in this USB tiny thing ,, and u move the pics ,, =)

ambrosia said...

thanks for the advice
i cant wait to be a macgirl!!