Thursday, August 19, 2010

guess who fixed their computer??

Here's a hint.............

YEAH!! I don't know why my computer hasn't been reading my media card, but tonight, VOILA!!
Maybe it got tired of hearing my sobbing and cussing, haha.
Whatever the reason, I was able to load these fresh off the printer pictures just for you!
(Sorry for all the random strays in this one. My darling 6 yr old photographer Kamaehu helped me out. Thanks baby!!)

And now for the scoops:
These are the Red Velvet earrings (MMMM!). Large gold-filled hoops w/red swarvoski crystals, bronze seed beads, and Czech lentil beads.

Original price $20
Sale price $14
and don't forget...........FREE SHIPPING!!

A toast to............happy shopping!!


SimplyFabulous said...

those are really cute.. you made them?

(i make jewelry too... mostly beaded bracelets :) ) ill try posting a visual on my blog.. these are cute.. :)


ambrosia said...

yes, i made them. thanks for the feedback!

oooh, post pics!!

thanks for stopping by!