Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Since when did I become an interior designer??

Since I'm on a remodel binge, I thought I might as well go all out :)

Rather than repainting all the walls, I'm thinking of being a little adventurous and also adding in some wallpaper.

And trust me, wallpaper has come a long way since our grandma's days!

I'm thinking of using this on the ceiling in my kitchen

I just love this. Too bad I already did the bathrooms, cause this would have been perfect!

Debating on this for the kitchen ceiling too.

Which silver do you like better?

This would be perfect for one of my besties~ I can just see her bedroom decked out in this deep, seductive color........and a little bit of GRRRR!

Something a little more mellow.

And I really, really love this :)

Maybe a bedroom wall......

Covered in wallpaper dreams,


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Curves ahead makeup said...

Love wall paper I have some as a accent wall in my living room :)