Thursday, June 30, 2011

I have a holEy house

Holey Hell!!

We are in full blown renovation mode.

Here is our porch that we are enclosing to add more space to our living room.

Here are the guys working on our now extended living room. Our contractor showed up with a total of 5 guys, yay!!, and busted ass!!

(There's the bf in the black tank taking down the old porch wall. Isn't he a hunk??!!)

Here's another huge hole in my wall waiting for a sparkly, brand new window!

This is my poor, torn to shreds kitchen. The picture on the right shows our old kitchen window where the sink used to be. The next picture is the same wall with the window taken out and the wall closed up. We're flipping the direction of our kitchen so that we can face the living area more.

The guys are back at our house today working on more stuff while I sit at work driving myself crazy with anxiety stricken thoughts.....AAGGGHHHHH!!! I can't wait to get home to see more progress. Every little bit more that gets done brings us that much closer to the finale right?!

Hella Crazy,

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