Sunday, March 6, 2011

Springtime Bliss and New Earrings

Hi all! It has been ages since I've posted anything new, as seems to be my pattern. But, I have for you today some cheery goodness to help welcome this Spring season.
Spring always reminds me of Easter and those super huge chocolate easter bunnies that I would pray for when I was little.
But now that I'm all growed up with kiddos of my own, my easter basket goodies have changed to things a little more pricey.............but I do still love chocolate :)
Here are a new pair of earrings that personify Spring, and I have just posted them on Etsy.

They are dainty and colorful, and I love the way the gold sparkles. Thinking of Spring I think of pinks and purples and yellows and golds. So, I wanted to create something that when you looked at it, your first thought would be of Spring and sunshine and flowers. And here it is!

And to keep with the theme........

These super cute cake lollipops scream spring with their bright pastel colors and yummy looking goodness. Perfect for party favors or as a special treats for your kiddos!

And as a special treat for you, we have..............

Classic and elegant yet fun and cheerful, this blooming clutch will add the perfect finishing touch to your outfit. It also has red lining on the inside, which I love!

And speaking of red..........

BAM!! I absolutely adore this simple, yet bold scarf. It can be worn numerous ways and looks as soft as clouds.
While we're in the sky, we can look for some butterflies.....

Butterflies are one of my favorite things to watch. So fragile and beautiful. I would love to hang this on my wall right above my jewelry box. A butterfly of my own that I can keep forever.
Hope you enjoyed!
With a spring in my step,

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teener1416 said...

lovely post! that clutch is AMAZING!!

thanks for posting this blog on the helping the hectic etsy team page!!!!