Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentine XoXo

Hi luvs!
Valentine's Day is right around the corner....what's on your wishlist??
For your viewing pleasure I have compiled my small little heart day wishlist :)
And in case you need some shopping inspiration-
Zaia jewelry presents
"I Heart Alice" sterling silver charm bracelet

First up on my heart day grocery list..........

Super fun, sparkly, glamorous stilettos!! I love the red, gold, silver, and black ones. So pretty much all of them, haha! Stilettos are the epitomy of sexy confidence!

And what pairs perfectly with super sexy stilettos??
Ok, not really, but who doesn't love super cute cupcakes?? Well these cupcakes are uber special because they are little cupcake soaps with glitter!! Isn't this amazing?! Talk about adding some unique decorations to your bathroom.

Now that we have the perfect shoes and super clean hands, lets jump on a plane!
Would anyone care to go to Paris?? Oui??
This photo is an 8 x 10 capturing the streets of Paris.
I love it!
I want to buy this and hang it in my red bathroom so that I can feel Paris glam while I'm getting ready in the mornings.
After I am done beautifying myself, I usually head to my jewelry box and start the decorating process. One item that I would love to add to my collection is this fabulous vintage necklace!!
I simply adore this! It is super unique and overflowing with glam!

And because I want to make sure that I include the bf in all of this terrific heart day goodness, I found the perfect "man gift".
These pilsner glasses are to die for. Talk about hilarious! I can just see all the men sitting around during Super Bowl drinking beer out of these. LOL!!

With love in my heart and a smile on my face,

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