Saturday, January 1, 2011

The first day of a great year!

Happy 2011!! I know this year will be awesome. I can feel it. And i'm super excited to get the ball rolling.
I did run into a little snag (already), but am determined to do whatever I can to keep on trucking.
With all the chaos of Christmas (kids, family, parties, presents, rubbish everywhere, a super messy house, etc) I managed to lose my camera :(
I had this last week off and had so many things to do on my "i'm definetely gonna do it list", but about half of those things included the use of my camera. So, i still have a 2010 list to cross off while I continue to build my 2011 list. But how boring would life be without a few challenges thrown in there??!! Lol
So no pictures for now. :( :( :(
Off to continue the hunt for a new camera,

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