Saturday, January 22, 2011

Finally.........The Bathroom!!

Here is the post I have been dieing to write, and you have been waiting to see.
I'm sorry for leaving you hanging for so long. :(
To recap-
here is the bathroom before:
Yellow paint, old countertops, floors, fixtures, and we only had a shower, no tub.

With a little wishing and a lot of hard work.............

Here's my little man jumping for joy over his new bathroom!

We chose an earthtone color scheme (in contrast to my va va va voom red bathroom).
We cut out that huge partition, making the bathroom look and feel bigger. We kept the same toilet, sink, and cabinets. We just freshened up the cabinets with new white paint and new pull handles. The mirror is the same, we just added a frame around it and it totally changed the look!
We resurfaced the counter and added new, brighter lights.
The white cabinet on the wall, and all the towel hooks I bought at Target.

We added a new tub and marble tile (that we got at a super deal) that runs all the way to the ceiling. A curved curtain rod adds to the illusion of a bigger space and I just love my new curtain too!
Now the kids can splash and play without super soaking the floor.
The floor is now ceramic tile instead of linoleum. And we added white trim on the baseboards and crown moulding on the ceiling.
We now have a completely different bathroom! The bf and his dad worked so so hard and did it all themselves. We all love how it looks and I'm still amazed what a little remodeling can do to spruce up an old space. I feel like I'm in a hotel everytime I shower :)
The next project will be the biggie: the kitchen and living area- YIKES!!
So fresh and so clean,


1xellus1 said...

Congratulations! It's GORGEOUS!
& LOVE the pic of the baby jumping! LOL Thanks for sharing. :O)

Keirasluckycharm said...

Wow it looks brand new. Great job! i am sure it took a lot of hard work and patience.