Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 1- Accomplished

December 01, 2010: Day 1.
Mission: Do one thing for Zaia jewelry, if not more.
My mission for today was to get some holiday necklaces made with some super special Swarovski focals that I've been eyeing.
Sparkly Snowflake Swarovski.............say that five times fast, lol.
Bonus: I also made some super cute Swarovski shell necklaces with a Swarovski crystallized pearl.
I was also able to edit and touch up some of my listings on Etsy, hoping to establish the right selling groove.

Landmines & ambushes:
I miss lying in bed with my lil best buddy. He is so warm and cuddly and laying with him is probably the best part of my day. Plus, I love how he cuddles up to me when he falls asleep.
It is now 11:05 pm.............way past my normal bed time, and I'm tired. I pity my co-workers tomorrow, because I am sure to have my grumpy face on.
How long did I say I was going to keep this pre-New Year resolution up?
Accomplished, tired, and sleepwalking to my bed and best buddy,