Thursday, February 2, 2012

Back from the land of the dead

The holidays have come and gone.
The birthday train is chugging on.
And I am back.
Give me a break, I'm getting older, and each year is taking me a little longer to recuperate. 
You know I love you all more than words (or apologies) can say!!

Okay, enough with the excuses and crybaby whining. 
On with the pics and random nonsense that goes hand in hand with an apologetic post.

All after a late, freezing night of practice.
Ahhh, microwave dinners and wine to the rescue.

My lil farmer mulching with his papa.

Be prepared- you are about to witness a NO-MAKEUP pic...

It's moments like these that I don't mind being the only girl. Witnessing this kind of bonding is priceless.

Cheers to dreams come true and wishes anew-

This is OUR year,

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